gobrighterlife.insuranceAccording to study, 9 out of 10 Filipinos are not prepared for retirement. Filipinos are anxious about what will happen after they stop working. According to the source “From Challenge to Opportunity: Wave of the East Asia Retirement Survey”, before retiring, there are three things they worry about: poor health, exhausted savings, and no one will care for them. 78% of elderly retirees are actually living with the care of their children. In the survey, most of the people object the idea of family being the main source for lifetime support. 66% of Filipinos do believe that government should be responsible for providing income for retired people.

Why must life insurance take over?

  • Worry no more. Imagine yourself in your old age free from worry where to get monthly income. Retirement may be worrisome for others but you don’t need to be anxious over the next day if you prepared it earlier. You’ll get bigger retirement funds if you start saving or investing ahead of time.
  • Your own income will save your family’s relationship. We don’t want to be a burden to our family when old age comes. 45 out of 100 retirees depend their lives on their relatives. True, your grown-up children may not complain about anything when taking care of you, but how about the family of your children? Besides, your children have their own family responsibilities – they pay bills, pay for their children’s school expenses, and for other essentials of their family. Having your own income will avoid conflicts between you and your child’s spouse.
  • You can travel! After your retirement, you may think how to spend the rest of your lives. You lived your whole life working day after day with insufficient rest. It is now the right time to live your life the way you want it to be. You can spend traveling after your retirement or spend a vacation with your family.
  • You should have enough money. After retirement, you must make sure that you have enough money to spend for your basic needs, money to pay for your bills and mortgages. Who is the one responsible for paying these bills if you did not prepare yourself for retirement?

Life expectancy for female Filipinos lasts until 72 years of age. Let us say you retire at the age of 60 – that is 12 more years to live. This is our calculated value we have when you spend ₱50.00 per meal three times a day:

₱50x3 meals a day = ₱150.00x365 days per year = ₱54, 750x12 more years of life expectancy = that is ₱657, 000

This calculation is limited only for your food expenses. It doesn’t include other expenses you need to pay for your lifetime. That is why you need insurance at the time of your retirement. As long as you are living you need money to supply your needs.

  • Old age means poor health sometimes. The average retirement age in the Philippines is 60 and not beyond 65. It means, with that age, you can feel the weakness because of old age. Is your retirement pension enough for medical expenses? Many citizens feel that pension is not enough to cover all their expenses. This is true when it comes to medical expenses. It takes a lot of money to spend. Insurance will help you to lighten your burden.

Worry no more, you can retire with peace of mind.

Retirement should not be scary. It should mean well job done, and retirement is a treat for yourself after many years of serving, but only if you had a better preparation back then. Gone were the days you need to wake up before dawn, the days where you go through many hassles just to reach your workplace in time. Gone were the days where you badly want to spend your time with your loved ones but there is a pile of works you need to finish. Gone were the days of stressful nights. All the fantasies you had a long time ago are now at your hand and that will be all possible with life insurance. Long vacations? Staycations? Shopping with kids? Treating your family?


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