TOP 5 REASONS WHY LIFE INSURANCE IS IMPORTANT IN THE LIFE OF FILIPINOS Filipinos avoid or don't want to talk about life insurance because it means discussing benefits from someone’s death. Before, only the beneficiaries can enjoy most of the insurance benefits. Up to now, this is what instills in our minds and one of the reasons why life insurance is not popular in the Philippines.

If you will ask someone to choose between phones, laptops or other gadgets and life insurance for sure they would choose gadgets because they can easily see and enjoy their benefits. They would think that life insurance is just an expense because they are paying for something they haven’t enjoyed.

Time has changed; nowadays life insurance has many benefits to Filipino family. Let us discuss some of them.


We work hard to provide family needs and give the best to them. However in case, the breadwinners die a natural death, sickness or accident, dependents will definitely be affected. This can be emotional, psychological but most especially financial. Without the breadwinner’s income dependents will struggle where to get money for paying school bills, household bills, buying foods and other daily expenses. This could affect their financial and emotional stability. Proceeds from life insurance policy can act as an immediate replacement to the breadwinner’s lost income. Family members can use this either to start a business or invest in any financial tool that will earn an income to support the monthly expenses. Just make sure to manage properly so that funds would not dry up.


Most Filipinos believe that the best inheritance they can give to their children is education. But nowadays education is getting more expensive and the government’s support for education is limited. The premature death of parents or breadwinners will cause uncertainties for young children’s future. Good thing, some life insurance policy now can cover, if not all but, part of their children’s education expenses. Since this is a life insurance the premium will be waived in cases of total disability.


“Health is wealth. “ I always hear this since I was young but only realized what it meant when I experienced it. Hospital bills, laboratory examinations, and medicines will drain whatever savings you have especially if you are not prepared. Some life insurance policies offer benefits in case you acquire one dreaded disease. Depending on the type of policy, the amount of money will be immediately available after submitting the required documents.


You can withdraw from accumulated fund value to finance emergency situations. These fund value may not be easily accessible like bank’s ATM but will definitely a big help.


Death is inevitable. Nothing can replace you from their heart, but planning ahead with life insurance can make things easier for them. Death benefits from life insurance can cover funeral expenses without additional hardship and further stress for them.

Life insurance is never a fun conversation to have. But when you talk to someone who genuinely thinks of your welfare, you may find life insurance as something you want and not only need, to protect your family, dependents, business and even your legacy.

The best time to get life insurance is NOW. You don’t know what tomorrow brings so it is better to be prepared.

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