Insurance and Mutual Fund


I am connected in one of the biggest Insurance Company in the Philippines and I am authorized by the “Insurance Commission” to act as an Insurance Agent. As such I can help you create and implement your financial roadmap.

Allow me to help you achieve your financial goals:

  • Children’s education
  • Where to get immediate fund if you acquire  a dreaded disease
  • Where to get funds for your retirement
  • Where would your loved ones start if something happens to you
  • Where to get payment for debt
  • Where to get cash to buy business partner’s share
  • Where the surviving loved one will get the cost and expenses of the funeral
  • Where to get payment for estate tax

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A mutual fund is a collection of investments.  It could be stocks, bonds or other funds, It is owned by a group of investors and managed by a professional money manager.

I am connected in one of the biggest insurance company in the Philippines and I am authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission to act as Certified Investment Solicitor.  I can help you with your investment goals.

Reasons why you should put your money in mutual funds:

  • Big interest rates
  • Manage by financial experts
  • Bringing small investors closer to financial markets
  • Put your money in a diverse portfolio