My Journey as a Financial Advisor.

Once I dreamt of becoming a doctor. But family situation and financial incapability prevented me from pursuing that dream.

Instead, I finished a pre-med course at Far Eastern University and was able to work in one of the best hospitals in the Philippines located in the heart of Quezon City. To augment my earnings, while working in the hospital, I venture in different sidelines like selling T-shirts and joining different MLM. After several years of working in the hospital, I realized that my salary was still not enough, as I am the family’s breadwinner supporting my mother and other siblings.

I quit my hospital job and joined a multinational company selling laboratory supplies and become part of the corporate world. My corporate career started from the bottom but through perseverance and hard work,  slowly I rose through the ranks and become Director of one of the company’s department.

The corporate job gave me a lot of opportunities, personal development, travels and other facets of life.

It made me believed that as your position gets higher, you will earn more and will be able to save more. In some ways, it does as I was able to buy property. I told myself that when I retire, these will be the source of my income.

However, as times goes by I realized that the bigger you earn, the bigger your expenses and the bigger you spend especially if you don’t know how to control yourself.

I learned that the amount of salary we have is not the basis to save money but rather the habits how we spend them. I may be earning a bit higher than the regular employee but the fact still remains I’m struggling financially.

I decided to leave the corporate world after almost a decade. A friend of mine encourages me to join his team of a financial advisor.

In the beginning, I don’t like the idea as I am not fond of insurance. I just want to please him so I tried to attend the training.

The training gave me a better perspective on the benefits of life insurance and from then I embrace it and share with others its importance to our lives.

I was diagnosed with cancer in  November 2015. Another realization comes into my life. Health is wealth, I always hear that but I never realized what it really means until I experienced it.

Hospital bills, laboratory exams, medicines and other forms of treatment will drain whatever savings you have.

At that time I have a little amount of money but I have a property. In an emergency situation like that, my properties weren’t able to help me immediately as it takes the time to sell it. I badly needed the cash to support my medical condition.

Good thing I have an insurance that has a rider called CIB, Critical Illness Benefit, wherein cancer is one of them.

After submitting the required documents I was able to get a certain amount of money that I use to pay part of my hospital bill. That was a great help.

It is never too late to protect things and persons that are most important to us.


Arnold Billones



No matter what age you are in life, life insurance is something to add to your financial portfolio.

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