Welcome to GOBrighterLife

Kumusta! I’m Arnold.

“Let me help you meet your goals- for today and all the days to come. It starts by creating a financial strategy that will help your journey in becoming  financially independent, sound and secure.”

I live a life full of challenges either in spiritual, emotional and most especially financial.

I came from a broken family, where the situation taught me how to be tough in realities of life. Being the eldest I became a breadwinner at a young age. As a breadwinner, I always think of ways how to earn money to support the family but saving was far from my vocabulary as I barely meet both ends.

Over the years, I realized that saving money is not based on how big our salary is but rather how we manage our resources. There are also ways on how we can maximize our small paycheck.

I learned the hard way and this inspired me to share what works and what doesn’t work based on my life experiences.

GOBrighterLife is a personal finance website focused on helping you make a wise financial choice. Through my life’s lessons and experiences, I would like to help you learn how to give more value to your hard earned money, make the most out of it and enjoy a brighter life.

I am always here to help you make a financially sound decision based on your individual needs, current situations, and long-term goals.  Together we will find a tailor-fit solution to meet all your financial needs at every stage of your life.

I encourage you to take a step and do not procrastinate in achieving your financial goal no matter how small or big it may be.

A small decision now can make a big difference for tomorrow.

Be financially free tomorrow.